10 Shocking Facts about the Ukraine Russia War

2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine: 10 facts about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which is the largest military assault on the European State since World War II.

10 Shocking Facts about the Ukraine Russia War 1

Russia-Ukraine news: The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has entered day 27 with Russian troops approaching the heart of Mariupol, a port city of Ukraine. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has not only shook Eastern Europe’s political dynamics but has also left a major impact on the recovering economies around the world.

On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine in the name of the special military operation and eventually destroyed and occupied the Ukrainian cities. Even though the peace talks between the officials of Russia and Ukraine have been taking place, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has said that the country will be destroyed before it surrenders its cities to invading Russian forces.

As the war between Russia and Ukraine continues, here on Jagran Josh we are bringing you some interesting and shocking facts about the Russia-Ukraine war.
Why is Russia at war with Ukraine?

Attack on Ukraine is a result of years of Russian President Putin’s efforts of keeping its neighbouring country on its side, however, what pushed it into the war was Ukraine’s close ties with the US and its request of joining NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation).
10 Facts about Ukraine and Russia War 2022

1. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, which is internationally considered a war of aggression, is the largest military assault on the European State since World War II.

2. Russia Ukraine war has caused the largest refugee crisis in Europe since the Second World War with over 3.4 million Ukrainians fleeing the country.

3. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is actually a major escalation of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict that started back in 2014.

4. Since 2014, the conflict between Ukraine Russia has damaged more than 700 schools and 130 medical centers. Breaches in ceasefires have also endangered more than 2,00,000 children.

5. The ongoing Russia Ukraine conflict has killed more than 10,000 people and has wounded at least 23,000.

6. The frontline of the war between Ukraine Russia stretched 280 miles across Ukraine resulting in the blockage of much of of country’s access to trade and supplies from the neighbouring countries and the United Nations.

7. In the ongoing conflict, apart from Russians, the Ukrainian military has also been fighting the rebels in Eastern Ukraine who are supported by Russia and want to become a part of Russia.

8. In response to Russia’s attack on Ukraine, protests also took place in Russia against the Government ordering war on the neighboring country. Police detained around 5,020 people at Russia-wide protests against the invasion of Ukraine.

9. According to European Union’s top diplomat, as many as 5 million Ukrainian are expected to flee if Russia’s bombing continues.

10. The Defence Ministry of Russia has announced to open 6 humanitarian corridors in Kyiv, as well as other Ukrainian cities, however, Kyiv rejected the plan.